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Free Cellular Alarm Clock  v.1.06

The Free Cellular Alarm Clock will use your cellular phone to give you a wake-up call, remind you of an important meeting, send a reminder to your child's cell phone, let you know when to do something.

Cellular  v.1.0

This application will enhance your desktop displaying images from the famous movie Cellular. Give your desktop a new look! If you are a fan of the Cellular movie, than this is the screensaver for you. Keep these famous characters on your desktop for

Celeste Cellular Automaton Simulator  v.2012.02.02

Celeste is a tiny and simple Cellular Automata simulator written in Java. It is a command line application that writes an image of each simulation step. Celeste was designed to run Conway's Game of Life but other rulesets can be implemented as well.

Cellular Engine  v.0.0.1

This software simulates cellular behavior based on specific rules (e.g. Game of Life or Wireworld). The UI will be replaceable and there will be a feature for importing rules from a file based on a format developed for this

Generic 2D Cellular Automation  v.0.1

A simple generic 2D cellular automation simulator and

JCASIM Cellular Automata Simulation  v.1.0

The program system JCASim is a general-purpose system for simulating cellular automata in Java. It includes a stand-alone application and an applet for web

Rational Poly Graph (Cellular automata)  v.1.0b

Seems to be closely related to Cellular automaton, except this creates a complex pattern from a mathematical function you input. See website for examples/live applets. This program makes use of an old GPL version of the JEP equation

Ulam Spiral Graph (Cellular automata)  v.1.0b

Graph polynomials and view prime numbers on a ulam spiral graphing plot. Only integer numbers. Based on an old GPL version of the JEP equation parser. See website for additional examples/live applets Seems to be closely related to Cellular

Universal Cellular Automaton  v.1.0

A Cellular Automaton simulator written in java

Cellular Automata Visualization Program  v.1.0

The Cellular Automata Visualization Program - is a program to visually display the evolution of a 2D cellular automata.

Cellular Evolution  v.1.0

It's a program for calculating and visualizing evolutionary processes of cells in multidimensional spaces. Many cellular properties are involved (vitality, lifespan, ethnicity, growth medium), affected by mutation and accidental influences.

SIMP/STEP, cellular automata in Python  v.1.0

The SIMP/STEP platform provides a fast, efficient, portable abstract framework for interactive and scripted cellular automata and lattice gas computing in the Python environment. SIMP provides a high-level 'programmable matter' laboratory ...

A cellular automata framework  v.1.0

Parilya is a educational-pourpose cellular automata framework written in Python and GTK. The main goal of Parilya is to give you the possibility to easily and quickly code your bidimensional cellular automata in a full-featured GTK+ workbench.

Cellular Automata Library  v.1.0

A C++ library which provides an extensible programming environment for exploring Cellular Automata models. Experiments written using this library can be run on the CAM8 CA supercomputer as well as conventional UNIX based workstations.

Java Cellular Application Framework  v.1.0

The core of an extensible cellular system that serves as the basis for an entirely new, modular application framework

Find People By Phone Number - Cellular Lookup  v.4.6

Find People By Phone Number - Reverse Cell Phone & Unlisted Number Lookup Tool

Eden - Stochastic Urban Cellular Model  v.02

Eden is a celular automata based urban simulation models that may be used as urban laboratory to explore various interesting ideas of urban policies about how city work and change over

Evolving Cellular Automata  v.1.0

This is a validation of Melanie Mitchell, James P. Crutchfield, and Rajarshi Das experiments summarized in a review published in 1996. It is essentially a duplication of the experiments with a supporting database and structure. Original Paper from Mitche

Othello on cellular phone  v.1.0

Devellopement d'un jeu Othello sur thlphone portable.Analyse (UML).programmation JAVA avec la J2ME.Projet scolaire ESIEA ( Ecole suprieure d'informatique d'electronique et d'automatique).

Cellular Vibrations  v.1.0

The project is investigating the use of sensor information to be used in context aware applications.

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